Pet Healthy Hemp Toys.

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Will hemp make dogs sick?  This is a question from a visitor this morning.  The first answer is:  Pet toys should be fun for your pets and for you!. Do not leave your pet unattended with pet toys. Most toys are meant for solo play by your pet. Some dogs are "chewers".. it is especially important that these dogs be monitored when they play with toys that they may destroy with chewing. That said.. Kris developed our Hemp toy line with pet health in mind. The Hemp is grown naturally. We import our hemp from Romania where they process the fibers old school. The hemp rope is handmade by crafts people that enjoy what they do.  Hemp is a grass, it is fast growing and replenished easily. The hemp rope and strapping is clean and our dogs enjoy it very much. We have three dogs, two labs and a pug. they play with all the toys.. all the time!. they tug, chew and are truly spoiled by all the toys!  Many of the toys have been "tried out" on our dogs.. some . .like the Rasta, Maxi and more have been played with for a couple of years!.  We don't allow them to have them unattended.. even tho they are not aggressive chewers. Any of the fibers they may swallow either digest over time. .or become deposited as normal pet waste.  We have not had any problems with our dogs. .or those that we know of. Check out the slide show. .The big ole Bullies in the slide show are rescues and enjoy the tugs all the time. Their owner has purchased over and over. Also.. check out the Testimonials here. They are unsolicited!


Thanks questioner for stopping by!!


The ultimate Tug Toy... The Y-Knot!

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