Mudbay progress!

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Kris met with Mudbay Pets Corporate yesterday and got approval of 4 new items!  All is well with the current inventory selection at all the stores. You will find the Ringball, Flingball, One Plus and the little hemp Mini within the next couple of weeks! Your pets will love these new items .. available SOON at a MUDBAY PET store near you!..

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Presidents Day!

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 Our Miss Lizzie is hard at work this morning on the sewing machine!. The vintage industrial machine is a beauty even though touchy! Kris is doing little tweeks through the day and is becoming quite the sewing guru!  He can do ANYTHING! Believe it! .. Inventory is being produced so that orders can go out the next day.. So. test us out!~   Order something good for your pup! Made in the USA with careful and caring hands! Yes... handmade and crafted in North Bend, Washington, USA!

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Our new Adjustable eco conscious leash!

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 training length                      walking length

The Natural Adjustable Leash


The Natural Adjustable Leash is made from woven 100% natural hemp webbing.  This leash provides a unique way to have both a short "training/restraining" leash for control of your dog when needed. The leash easily extends to walking length.

Customers have told us the light weight of this product allows them to hook it on a purse, backpack or belt loop and not feel weighed down. The product also has a latch to hook on a poop bag or car keys . This leash comes in two sizes that will meet the needs of your dog. 

Hemp is a naturally grown product and can be added to a compost pile.

The steel findings are of partially recycled materials and can be cut off and put in the appropriate recycle bin.

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Another Great Ballboy day!

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 Well, these great days are getting closer together!  Delivered the Mudbay regular bi weekly order today.. Yesterday New order for the Issaquah Grange.. and a stepped up order (new items) for Denny's Pet World, Kirkland (Totem Lake).. then we received the first re-order for the Chicago distribution center,!  Good days! Thanks for your support!!

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Mid January Already!!

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 Here we are in mid January!! Already!.. So many new things happening with the beginning of 2013!. We have made the decision to search out a retail distribution channel for Ballboy.. This would be to supply indie pet stores everywhere!  .. the first order for has been delivered to the Chicago warehouse!.. Get on and make a Ballboy purchase! Kris is hard at work at the sewing machine developing new prototypes.. sewing supplies for our second crew to use when building 1+ series etc.. Bodhi and Phoebe are out in the Ballboy shop working too! 

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