New toy makers!

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We want to introduce Jake and Michael to our toy making team. They join Lizzie, our first and foremost, making quality, handmade and eco conscious dog toys! Today they are completing the new item order from Mudbay! Mudbay has added four new products to their 30 stores and you should find them in the stores over the next couple of weeks!  Summer dog play time is almost upon us. Get your fetch toys now!~ 

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The ultimate Tug Toy... The Y-Knot!

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Y knot?


 One dog. .two dog.. three dog..

This toy provides hours of enjoyment for a single dog... dog and owner.. or multiple dogs who love to play together. 

Another best selling play items in the hemp tug toy line. The Y knot? hemp tug toy is made from triple hand sewn and knotted Romanian 100% natural, dry spun, hemp rope which makes this toy very strong and safe* for any size dog.

* Not intended for solo play with aggressive chewing dogs.

Hemp is a naturally grown product and can be added to a compost pile.

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Mudbay progress!

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Kris met with Mudbay Pets Corporate yesterday and got approval of 4 new items!  All is well with the current inventory selection at all the stores. You will find the Ringball, Flingball, One Plus and the little hemp Mini within the next couple of weeks! Your pets will love these new items .. available SOON at a MUDBAY PET store near you!..

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 Well, a few weeks ago we delivered the first large order to our Issaquah Grange/Feed.  Things are selling so well, so .. thanks all you shoppers!.. We received the first great reorder from the Grange!.. Ready to be delivered on Monday!  Thanks Issaquah Grange!

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