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Calling all "BIG DOGS"!

Cube is a great toy for BIG dogs!  Eight upcycled "real" tennis balls are internally connected to each other creating a super strong, fun toy for medium to large dogs.  Great for both indoor and outdoor play!

- Handmade

- Perfect BIG DOG toy!

- Upcycled, re-purposed "real" tennis balls.

- Kick, roll or throw the cube for crazy unexpected movements that keep your dog guessing!

- Long lasting!  Each ball is connected individually.  Cut popped or "dead" balls off at the webbing connector for continued play. 

- Play soccer with your pup or fetch to increase their exercise program...and they can't pop this soccer ball!

- Great toy for tug-a-war games with other dogs.


** not intended for solo play with aggressive chewing dogs. **

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