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Easy to grab fetch/tug toy!

Great for playing tug-a-war and fetch with your furry friends!  Made of 3 layers of durable 100% natural hand dyed hemp webbing and a re-purposed, upcycled "real" tennis ball.  We use a low-impact, eco-friendly fiber reactive dye to create beautiful color combinations.  Fiber reactive dyes, the same dyes used in baby products, binds directly to the natural fibers creating safe, long lasting and non-toxic colors.

- Handmade

- Easy to grab!

- 3 layers of 100% natural hemp webbing for extra durability.

- Perfect for games of fetch and tug-a-war in your backyard, dog park or inside!

- Eco-friendly upcycled, re-purposed tennis ball.

- No more touching dirty, messy tennis balls.

- Great interactive toy to help increase your dogs exercise!

** Not intended for solo play with aggressive chewing dogs. **  This toy is designed for human/dog interactive play.


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