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The Perfect Fetch and Tug-a-war dog toy!

We all know how most pups... and grown up pups... love to fetch and enjoy a hot game of tug-a-war! This toy provides for both and more! The double layered 100% natural hand dyed (using low impact, eco-friendly, fiber reactive dye) hemp webbing connects internally to an upcycled, re-purposed "real" tennis ball.  Just grab the colorful looped handle.. FLING away for fetch.. or let your dog grab the knot or ball and tug away!..

- Handmade

- No more grabbing icky, messy tennis balls while playing fetch!

- Easy to grab double layered handle.

- 3 layers of 100% natural hemp webbing.

- Super strong ball to webbing internal connection.

- Great for backyards, dog parks and indoor play. 

- Perfect way to get your pups a great workout!

* Not intended for solo play with aggressive chewing dogs.  This toy is made for human and dog interactive play!


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