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Durable training, fetch and tug toy!

Knottyball is an innovative ball toy made from re-purposed "real" tennis balls and 3 layers of 100% natural hand dyed hemp webbing.  Dyed using low impact, eco-friendly fiber reactive dye...the same dye used in baby products.  The interior connection creates a very clean looking and strong toy.  Perfect for training, playing fetch and tug-a-war. The natural hemp webbing can be disposed of in your compost pile.

 - Handmade

- Eco-Friendly

- 3 layers of durable 100% natural hemp webbing.

- Great for training.

- Interactive toy for you and your dog to bond and get some great exercise!

- Fun for two dogs to play tug-a-war...plenty of places to grab and pull.

- Safe, long-lasting and non-toxic fiber reactive dye.  The dye bonds to the natural fibers!


** Not intended for solo play with aggressive chewing dogs. **  

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