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The Natural Collar

  • $14.25

 The market is flooded with collars of all types, materials, colors. .etc. We decided to go "Natural", utilizing 100% natural grown hemp webbing creating a very light weight and strong product. The collar is very soft and comfortable for your dog to wear.  The findings used for the connections are steel which contains a good percentage of recycled product.  The YKK buckles we use are of the highest quality.  The collar can be washed, then air dried,  which makes the hemp even more soft.  Put the leash in a sock, knot the top of the sock, and put in the wash with other non color items. Using the sock will keep the steel findings from banging around in the tub.  When the collar has completed it's work with your dog then clip off the steel findings, put them in metal recycling bin.. and then toss the collar into your compost pile!  There are several sizes to choose from.

 The Natural collar is made using 100% natural hemp webbing. 

Hemp is a naturally grown product and can be added to a compost pile.