Posted on March 09, 2013 by Jim Ellis | 0 Comments

 Well, a few weeks ago we delivered the first large order to our Issaquah Grange/Feed.  Things are selling so well, so .. thanks all you shoppers!.. We received the first great reorder from the Grange!.. Ready to be delivered on Monday!  Thanks Issaquah Grange!

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Posted on January 22, 2013 by Jim Ellis | 0 Comments

 Great day on the road in the great NW!.. Look for a great end cap display at Denny's Pet World, Totem Lake.. Kirkland, Wa.. Balls, one plus two, one plus three, ringball.. flingball, knotty ball.. and more!.. and in a few weeks new product line at the Issaquah Grange, Issaquah, WA!  Thanks for all the support!!

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