Let me introduce myself!

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Welcome to Ballboy!. I am Jim Director of Sales for Ballboy! I have been posting here for a week or so under Kris's handle. We decided it was time for me to "own up" to the words. We have also enabled COMMENTS from you!.. Please feel free to comment, ask questions, give suggestions on the blog, products, etc.  We will work hard to answer within the day.. or the next morning!  I look forward to getting to know those of you who enjoy what we do and say.. or not.. <G>  So. .here we go! Again.. WELCOME! 

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and here ... is the MINI!

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 We work for pets of all sizes! Kris created the MINI as a pets "first toy". This little one will allow even the smallest of your pets to have fun!. Light weight for easy pick up.. or sliding across a floor! 



A first toy to take along when you go to choose or pick up that newly adopted one!

 This all natural 100% hemp toy in a smaller size. It is hand sewn and tied to create a toy for the smaller dogs.  It is very light weight and seems to attract kittens and cats as well! Our pug, Phoebe, likes this toy cause she can carry it around jumping here and there with it!


* Not intended for solo play with aggressive chewing dogs.



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