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The Ringball is truly an innovative tennis ball toy! Now this is a DOG TOY!  When Kris brought the prototype in the three dogs went nuts!. Their eyes lit up like it was FOOD! LOL  Everyone loves this remarkable designed toy!. toss it, roll it across a hard surface, throw it in the water for retrieval or just let your puppy nose push it across the floor! It is a great toy that provides much fun!

We take upcycled "real" tennis balls and utilize a trademark pending process that connects each ball, one to the other, creating a super strong toy for tugging...all dogs love it!  This toy spins and bounces crazily when it hits the ground.  Your dogs will  love this toy! If your pet chews through a tennis ball, simply cut through the ball connector and you will have a long line of balls which will continue to be your pets choice in toys!

* Not intended for solo play with aggressive chewing dogs.

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