Two of our "pack"... Bodhi and Ben

Posted on April 20, 2013 by Jim Ellis | 0 Comments

Last summer, on the way home from Superzoo in Las Vegas, we stopped at Elkens Labradors and picked up our new boy Elkens Bodhi Boy,  a Fox Red Labrador Retriever.  Then just a few months ago we had facebook contact with Eleonor, owner of Elkens Labs.. A recent litter brought a little guy, we named Ben.  Ben was born with part of his right paw missing.  Ben feels it is not a problem at all.. at this point we do too but we are watching it, and his walking, running behavior closely. ... and are hoping he just moves on through!  Bodhi and Ben are also cousins!  Kris flew down, met Eleonor and Ben at the airport, and flew home with our new boy.  The months have been so much fun. What great boys these are.  Our Pug Phoebe has transitioned great!. .She is the Princess and they know it. .Will introduce you to her soon!  Anyhow.. Our two boys.....


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