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     When Kris began developing the mission/vision for Ballboy and researching the availability of kindly used clean tennis balls he found that no regulation play tennis balls are manufactured in the United States.  Knowing that many retail fetch and play balls were  made in China raised some red flags that there were toxins in these "play balls" and  he wanted to be sure that the tennis balls were, in fact, clean and non toxic.  Kris contacted the tennis ball manufacturers who produced the balls that would be the basis of REPLAY, our take on recycled used tennis balls but did not get all of the information he was needing  Going a step further Kris rented an XRF (x-raw fluorescent) testing machine and tested the balls that Ballboy would use for Ballboy toys. The XRF testings cleared the recycled balls Ballboy is using in all toys using tennis balls  of any toxins and heavy metals that some other retail play balls made in China had at that time.



Testing method: XRF (x-ray fluorescent) tests for heavy metals.

Findings: Many of the tennis balls produced for the pet industry only obtained a "moderate level" rating.  The few that did get a "low level" rating still had levels of lead, tin, chromium and or other heavy metals.  Penn & Wilson tennis balls attained a "none level" rating with zero harmful chemicals.



Facts: Approximately 300 million tennis balls are produced each year, contributing roughly 20,000 tons of rubber to the landfills.  This does not include the balls produced just for the pet industry.


We will continue to add any further testing or other information that we find.

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